Scala and Lift Development

Spiral Arm produce web-based products for clients requiring bespoke solutions. We build applications that provide lasting benefit to the organisations we work with.

We offer project-based software development, using our preferred technologies to deliver modern cloud-hosted products and services that have great performance and reliability.

Examples of our Work

Customers say "Spiral Arm's professionalism and delivery oriented approach put them head and shoulders above other software houses", and are "very pleased with the professional approach Spiral Arm took". One senior research manager described an automation tool we delivered simply: "It's changed my life".

What we do

We help organisations focus on the problem to be solved, design a solution, and deliver a result with lasting value.


What's the problem being solved? Who is it helping? What aspects should be focussed on to deliver the most beneft in the least amount of time? These are aspects of a project we want to understand before proposing a solution.


We've gained a great deal of experience in, and trust of, the JVM ecosystem. We develop using Scala, our preferred web framework is Lift, and we deploy to the cloud using Amazon EC2 & CloudBees:


We always have a hands-on role in developing systems. Our development style is agile. We like to complete a feature and release it: there’s no better test of software than for it to be running with real users. This also gives us, collectively, the opportunity to make course adjustments to the project at all levels. And of course, this style gives you a return on your investment quickly.

With regard to software development, we do the right thing: we have issue management, source control, automated builds, unit testing, automated static analysis, code reviews and code coverage reports.


We have a track record of successfully working with others to bring in specialised skills where required, and managing the over-all process. This is always transparent with open and honest communication. We don't outsource our responsibilities, and prefer to introduce you to great individuals and companies who may be able to work with you on future projects.


We get a buzz out of contributing to the Scala and Lift community, and by airing our learning we in turn benefit from the feedback of others.


About Us

Spiral Arm was founded in 2003 by Richard Dallaway and Jonathan Ferguson to build applications for the web and mobile devices. We're a software production company: we build and cloud-host products, and bring teams together to work on complete solutions for clients.

Our background is in building server-side applications for publishing, financial, travel, automotive and IT consulting industries. The senior staff worked together at a UK publisher, and joined forces to produce complete end-to-end systems for clients: mobile and desktop applications that work with web sites, databases and web services.

You can find us at The Skiff, 6 Gloucester Street, Brighton, BN1 4EW.

Map showing The Skiff

The company is registered with Companies House in England and Wales as company number 4899633 and is based in Brighton (approximately 50 minutes from central London).